The FamilyAid Boston 2014 Marathon Team

Meet our team! They ran a great race on April 21 and raised over $66,000 to help Boston's homeless families.

This year's Boston Marathon was one of the largest and most meaningful races this city has ever seen. Despite last year's tragedy, thousands of people ran the 2014 Marathon, and millions of people supported their efforts by donating to charities or cheering from the sidelines.

Our fantastic team of runners exemplify this dedication and generosity. They trained hard through cold and wind to run one of the most challenging races in the world. On top of that, they raised over $66,000 to help homeless families return to housing and stability.

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Read more about our runners below!

Katie Edgerton
Katie has run five half-marathons, and this will be her first time running the full 26.2 miles. She is grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this year’s race: “The marathon will surely be an emotional and history-making event in Boston. In 2014, I'm running with the FamilyAid Boston team and couldn't be more overwhelmed by emotion and enthusiasm for it.”

Anamarie Farr
Anamarie ran her first Boston Marathon, and her third overall. While Boston (the city and the marathon) has always been close to her heart, running in this year's race is especially meaningful given last year’s events. "Not only will I have the honor of running on such sacred 'running ground,' but by fundraising for FamilyAid Boston, I will be able to directly help the Boston community and support a cause I am deeply passionate about."

Mike Hartin

Mike ran his first official Boston Marathon in 2013 with a very personal motivation: "In 2008 I had to leave my home due to financial circumstances beyond my control. Many people helped me and in early 2011 I landed on my feet running. I continue running and to that end I continue to support those families helped by FamilyAid Boston."

Katie Jerdee
Katie, who lives in Boston, ran her 6th Boston Marathon and 7th overall. Since suffering a stroke in college, she’s run a marathon every year and hopes to continue! This year, Katie’s looking forward to running the “biggest and best” Boston Marathon and is extremely thankful to be running for FamilyAid Boston raising funds to benefit the community she lives in.

Dave Jones
Dave lives in Western Kentucky with his wife and 3 children. Since running his first marathon in April, 2013, he has run fifteen marathons in fifteen different states. Running Boston this year was a crowning achievement for him. As a former homeless outreach social worker, Dave welcomed the opportunity to help homeless families through his run.

Amie and Glenn Lankowski

Over the past 10 years, Amie Glenn have completed 38 marathons together. The couple ran the Boston Marathon together in 2010, and Glenn proposed at mile 9. Amie says “That is one of many reasons that Boston holds a special place in my heart. I feel very privileged and blessed that not only can I participate in this year's marathon but I can do so while helping FamilyAid Boston."

Kip Sanford

This was Kip's third Boston Marathon in as many years. As President of the Board of Directors of FamilyAid Boston, Kip says, “I am proud to run this race for a cause I care so deeply about, helping this great agency provide the services and assistance that so many homeless and at-risk families and children need, particularly during tough economic times.”

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