Richard E. Ring Returns as Executive Director

After recovering from a heart transplant, Richard E. Ring is returning to his position as FamilyAid Boston's Executive Director.

When Richard E. Ring was told that he needed a heart transplant in 2009, he did not know what the future held. Facing a serious operation and an uncertain prognosis, Ring resigned from his position as Executive Director of FamilyAid Boston (then known as Travelers Aid Family Services), Boston’s only provider of 24/7 emergency shelter for homeless families and one of the largest service providers for families in the city. Ring left the position after eleven years at the agency and a long career of helping Boston’s poor and low-income residents.

Five years later, after receiving a new heart and making a full recovery, Ring will reassume the position of FamilyAid Boston’s Executive Director on November 1, 2014. He takes the reins from long-time board member Bruce W. Liddell, who assumed leadership of the agency when Ring became ill and led it through a period of rapid growth and change, during which the agency changed its name and saw an unprecedented rise in the number of homeless families seeking shelter and housing in Boston. Liddell will remain at the agency as Assistant Executive Director through the end of June.

When he resigned, Ring never expected to be able to lead FamilyAid Boston again. Yet, he says, “I was blessed with a second chance at life, and I wanted to do something purposeful. The best thing I could possibly do was to come back to FamilyAid Boston and support the agency’s critically necessary work.”

For Ring, reassuming leadership of FamilyAid Boston is a return to a cause to which he has dedicated an entire career. He began as a counselor for homeless men at the Pine Street Inn in 1970, when the agency had only four full-time employees. He eventually became Executive Director at Pine Street, serving in that role from 1983-1995 and overseeing the agency’s transformation into one of the largest and most widely-recognized social service agencies in Boston.


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