Marblehead Kindergartners Save Pennies for FAB Kids

This spring, kindergartners from Marblehead's Bell School pooled their pennies to buy some special presents for children living in FamilyAid Boston's newest Community Based Family Shelter.

The kids in Mrs. Berg's and Mrs. Xiarhos' kindergarten class were concerned to learn that there are children just like them who don't have permanent homes. They wanted to find a way to help. The students began pooling their money in a water jug to buy presents for the children living in FamilyAid Boston's new Community Based Family Shelter.

"The students were so eager to help. Every day, they would bring in pennies, nickels, quarters," says teacher Robin Berg. "One little boy lost a tooth and told the Tooth Fairy that he wanted to donate his money to the FamilyAid kids. The Tooth Fairy -- or possibly his father -- made a very generous $20 donation to the collection."

Once the jar was full enough, the students counted their change as part of a math lesson and worked with their teachers to pick out the perfect presents: colorful beanbag chairs for the shelter's bright, sunny playroom. They then wrapped the presents in white paper decorated with multicolored handprints and sent them off to FamilyAid Boston.

The kids at the new Community Based Family Shelter greeted the mysterious boxes with great excitement and were thrilled to see the comfy, colorful addition to their communal playroom. A toddler leapt onto the chair as soon as it came out of the box, and a twelve year-old girl -- the eldest of the shelter's current kid residents -- said the chairs were "Definitely very cool."

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