"They helped me carry the weight:" Duaine's Story

Duaine came to FamilyAid Boston with a heavy weight on his shoulders. Over the course of six months, he had gained custody of his disabled 10 year-old son and lost his job. Then, a house fire forced his family onto the street. A former Marine, Duaine was used to challenges, but this time he simply didn't know what else to do.

The family lived in a Community Based Shelter unit while Duaine worked to get back on his feet. With the help of caseworkers and employment specialists, Duaine got a job and obtained the services he needed for his son. After saving up some money, Duaine and his son were able to move into their own apartment.

Today, Duaine has a steady job teaching classes in hip hop, contemporary jazz, and modern dance. His son is thriving. Duaine credits FamilyAid Boston with getting him through an incredibly difficult period of his life: “I was carrying a lot, and FamilyAid Boston took a lot of that weight off. They helped me keep my composure as I balanced everything I had going on. I always knew how much they cared, and that made all the difference.”

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